VTMT was established in 2001. We are based in Vladivostok, Russia, with offices in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and several Chinese cities.

We offer cost-efficient delivery of large and small cargo and therefore can be useful both for big corporations and smaller companies.

Our Advantages

Comprehensive freight
forwarding solutions

Guaranteed on-time

We take care of every single matter
throughout the shipping process

Direct delivery to the
named recipient only

We provide same-day response to all inquiries and offer competitive prices fixed till the delivery completion.

About Us

As a result of consistently efficient logistics and international trade operations, VTMT proved itself a responsible and reliable business partner. The company head office is located in Vladivostok, with a network of branch offices in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and a number of Chinese cities.

Our benefits include the wide range of offered services and a personalized approach to each customer.


years of shipping and logistics services

We find suppliers in China and other Asian Pacific countries, provide customs brokerage services, certify products for the Russian market and deliver goods from the manufacturer’s doors to the consignee’s warehouse.


thousands tons are delivered annually

Our clientele includes big trading and manufacturing companies, forwarding agents as well as small private businesses.

We provide same-day response to all inquiries and offer competitive prices fixed till the delivery completion.

Integrated Client Services

The key benefit of VTMT lies in its comprehensive approach to each customer: we make the standard logistics chain smooth. We can cover all transportation stages, from selecting a supplier to unloading the cargo at the customer’s doors – or we can control just one section of the route. Our managers will be happy to offer several different shipment options and help you find the balance between price and delivery time.
A comprehensive approach solves many problems. Let’s imagine you need to deliver a new product from the manufacturer to your warehouse and, as always, time is money. You are running many risks: a mistake in papers may get your goods stuck at the customs, time would be wasted and you would have to pay the costs of vehicle idle time and warehouse storage. While we can do things professionally and quickly. Rely on our experience, we will take care of every detail: from each letter in a document to loading and discharge speed – and your cargo will arrive exactly on time.

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International Trade Consulting

We offer full-scale counselling for every aspect of international trade operations including required paperwork preparation and assist the customers in their dealings with the involved parties such as suppliers, brokers and warehouses. The company provides legal support for business transactions and helps to solve any arising issues throughout the process.

Our specialists are always ready to give you a professional advice on customs clearance, preliminary approval of applicable customs procedures and schemes, classification of goods according to the official Russian Commodity Catalogue and goods certification in compliance with Russian laws and regulations.

Can you pick up a cargo at the factory in China? How can goods travel from Beijing to Moscow in one week? How much would it cost to deliver a digger from South Korea to Yekaterinburg? Why is it cost-efficient to ship via Vladivostok? What papers do I need to provide to import a consignment of lighting fixtures?

Consolidated Shipments

VTMT has a vast experience in consolidated shipments forwarding . Smaller consignments are consolidated at a warehouse in the country of origin, photographed and registered in a schedule and duly packed. The cargo then undergoes customs clearance and arrives at our warehouse in Russia. Then individual consignments are delivered to the respective customers.Ознакомиться с тарифами

Bulky Cargo

VTMT provides shipment of all types of bulky and heavy cargoes. Our specialists can select the proper way of transportation, obtain necessary freight permissions, develop loading and fastening plans and ensure safe delivery to the customer’s warehouse. Moreover, we offer special insurance services for bulky shipments.

Customs Clearance

Our company provides customs clearance support for goods of different categories. We offer detailed advice to our customers on required paperwork, payment of customs duties and application of special customs procedures, as well as control transit and customs clearance of the goods.

Air Freight

A reliable, safe and quick shipment option perfect for urgent delivery of valuable cargo. VTMT specialists will help you to organize a cost-effective door-to-door air transportation.
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Export License

VTMT specialists will be happy to assist with the paperwork required for export from Russia to China in accordance with the legislation of China. Our Chinese partners can help to obtainan export license for any type of product. Besides, we offer customs brokerage services.

Certification of Products

VTMT provides assistance for statutory certification of products imported to Russia. Thanks to our partnership with a testing lab in the vicinity of Vladivostok, we are able to get your product certified within a short time.

Dangerous Cargo

Our company has a license for carriage of dangerous goods of Classes 2 and up. Our services include: arranging pre-shipment papers, negotiating with a terminal to confirm the cargo acceptance, selecting the most suitable delivery scheme and the transport that has the required access.